Inside BMW Li-ion batteries

It looks basically like any other battery you’ve changed in a BMW but be careful to not treat it the same!

BMW Lithium-Ion batteries have been around for more than 6 years now. You can find them on their M3, M4, and M5s. However, you cannot charge nor dispose of them like a normal or even AGM battery. There were initially 2 different types known as the 69AMP for F80, F82, and F83 chassis and the 70AMP for the F90. What’s interesting is that these are not compatible and about half the weight. If they are short-circuited or undercharged, they may go to an open circuit state until it is reset. The price is around $1,800 – $1,900 MSRP.

What you should know is that BMW has a special battery charger for their batteries because inside it’s crazy-special. Inside some models will be 4 large battery cells along with 2 modules that measure and regulate the charge.

We now carry the correct 8-step automatic charger for these and other models including lead-acid and AGM types. See part number 61432408594.

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