Free Training Opportunity

After completing this training, the participant will be able to:

• List the principals of a fluid clutch and torque converter

• Describe the 3 components that are used in a torque converter

• Explain the hydro dynamic fluid flow, torque multiplication stage and coupling stage

• Describe the lock up clutch operation and regulation

• Explain common failures and malfunctions in torque converters and lock up systems

Free Online Training Opportunity understands these trying times have left plenty of techs and counter sales people with some free time. Fortunately, our supplier NGK/NTK has kindly provided free access to their NGK Tech Portal. Techs and service writers at any level can access valuable training.

The NGK Tech Portal contains training which discuss the function of various ignition parts and sensors. There is a quick 5 question quiz for each one. Each person will create their own user name and password.

We sincerely hope that this information and access to these training opportunities might help us collectively come out of these challenging times with some new knowledge and sales tools to help move everyone forward. Stay safe and send us a message if there are questions.